Meg Paulsen

As a photographer.....

This has been a long journey for me, one that had lots of twists and turns.  When I moved to Connecticut at the start of my junior year in high school, I was put into a photography class and quickly fell in love.  Having grown up in a very DIY household, with a trained interior designer mother, it was a natural fit.  My mother even had darkroom equipment, and soon I had a darkroom in our basement!  I went on to receive a double degree in Art & English from Lafayette College.  From there, I moved to California to start a photography degree at California College of the Arts.  Over the years, I have taken photography & art history courses in London, Boston and at the Maine Photographic Workshops, but decided to change gears and attend law school.  I know, huge change!  After being admitted to CA Bar I went on to have three beautiful chidren for whom I happily gave up a career in law.  

Now that my children are out of the baby years, I have returned to my original passion of photography.  In June 2013 I really devoted myself to learning and mastering (which will be a continuing journey) my DSLR camera- what a difference it is from black and white film photography!  That was a very challenging and rewarding experience and I once again fell in love with creating beautiful images.  

I feel that I have at long last found a place in the photographic world, one that I didn't realize existed all those years ago in art school.  I have found a sense of fulfillment and a creative outlet in capturing and preserving family memories.


A little more about me.....

I also love to bake (though I can't do it all that often since I also love to eat what I bake) and I love throwing parties.  There is just something about bringing people together over good food and drinks that makes me really happy, especially when there are lots of little details that pull it all together.  I can't wait to meet you and your family!  I love meeting new people and it is such an honor to get a glimpse into their lives through my lens.