2014 Holiday Sessions

This fall was my first holiday session since officially starting my business in February of 2014.  Unfortunately, I was also in the midst of a move and remodel, so I made the conscious choice not to email all my past clients, and I went almost silent on social media.  I didn't want to say I wasn't working, but I also didn't want to solicit more work than I could handle, so that was my solution.  I still had a lot of loyal clients contact me to schedule a session and stayed pretty busy!  Part of my social media silence was also so as not to post photos of clients that they wanted to use for holiday cards, because let's face it, that is a large part of why families have photos taken during the later part of the year.  Perhaps not the best marketing move, but, it is the choice I made.  

Now that the holidays are long over and everyone has packed away their trees and decorations and returned their homes to their usual state, I would love to share some images from some of my holiday sessions, because I have had such a wonderful time photographing all the families that I have met over the last year.  Also, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my friends who have helped me along on this journey by recommending me to their friends and wholeheartedly supporting me over the last year. I have had some truly wonderful cheerleaders and I am really looking forward to 2015!



A maternity session at the beach

I must admit, I had planned to start blogging sessions I did last fall before I shared more recent sessions, but I am going to veer from that plan, because, well, I can!  I recently had the pleasure of meeting a couple who are going to welcome their first child this spring, and when she suggested I come to the house first I was excited.  Then they wanted to go down to the beach and I once again, I was thrilled- I loved everything about this session and can't wait to meet their baby girl, Paige.  


2nd Birthday Party Fun

A few weeks ago, a friend's daughter turned 2 and had a fairy princess themed backyard party.  My friend sent me a text asking if I would take some photos while there and I happily agreed.  This little cutie has two older brothers and my friend was nervous about throwing a "girly" party, but she obviously had nothing to worry about!  Everything was adorably styled and all the little guests had a wonderful time.

It all started with a favor...

Well, that's not entirely true, but that's not the point.  In the summer of 2013 a good friend asked that I photograph her family and their office staff.  Her husband was about to open a business, and since start up money is tight, they thought I could do the photos.  I loved her confidence in me and decided to give it a shot, no pun intended.  I had dipped my toes in the water a few times prior by photographing my friends families and had mixed results so my own confidence was not high but I felt that I needed to give it a real try.

It turned out that I had so much fun capturing images of their somewhat reticent 1 year old that it really showed me that I could do this, so I embarked on a journey to reconnect with the photographer I had once been.  I had always planned to return to photography but I didn't know in what way that would materialize.  I threw myself into the learning process of the camera, the post processing, the light and all the things that go into a successful image.  This will always be a learning process, since the better I get, the better I want to become.   

Looking back on these images is interesting because they show me how far I have come since that summer but also make me very happy because they are what really showed me that the thing I secretly wanted, might actually be attainable if I work really hard.