It all started with a favor...

Well, that's not entirely true, but that's not the point.  In the summer of 2013 a good friend asked that I photograph her family and their office staff.  Her husband was about to open a business, and since start up money is tight, they thought I could do the photos.  I loved her confidence in me and decided to give it a shot, no pun intended.  I had dipped my toes in the water a few times prior by photographing my friends families and had mixed results so my own confidence was not high but I felt that I needed to give it a real try.

It turned out that I had so much fun capturing images of their somewhat reticent 1 year old that it really showed me that I could do this, so I embarked on a journey to reconnect with the photographer I had once been.  I had always planned to return to photography but I didn't know in what way that would materialize.  I threw myself into the learning process of the camera, the post processing, the light and all the things that go into a successful image.  This will always be a learning process, since the better I get, the better I want to become.   

Looking back on these images is interesting because they show me how far I have come since that summer but also make me very happy because they are what really showed me that the thing I secretly wanted, might actually be attainable if I work really hard.